Fitness - Wellness- meditation - play

Fitness - Wellness- meditation - play

Fitness - Wellness- meditation - playFitness - Wellness- meditation - play


On Site Guided Meditation



Private on-site guided meditation sessions can create powerful experiences that allows one or more people to begin a mindfulness journey.

Each session is intended to bring each person into a very still, quiet, relaxed state where their mind becomes clear and radiant and they experience a sense of joy.

Sessions can be 30-60 minutes

These classes are guided Meditations based upon Mindfulness Meditation techniques based on teachings of Deborah Norris, PhD founder of the Mindfulness Center in Bethesda Maryland

Each sessions utilizes a body scan and relaxation segment, a segment dedicated to using the breath to assist deepening the meditative state, and a healing Meditation that is based needs, motivations and intentions. Non-religious breathwork and guidance is used to help quiet the mind, relax the body, and assist in entering the meditative state.

Improv to Improve



Improvisation bridges the mind, body and voice. You can increase your mind’s ability to quickly form ideas and present them in a way that connects and impacts your participants.   Improvisation also improves how you think, helping you to ‘tune in’ to areas of communication that you might not have previously noticed. Improvisers think on their feet and recognize opportunities as they arise. Most importantly, improvisers learn how to be flexible, constantly adjusting to the situations in front of them and truly being in the moment.

Destination Retreats beginning Winter 2021



Refresh, Reboot and Reinvent (career and life purpose)


Body In Motion (fitness)

Peace of Mind (stress reduction)

Dynamic Forever (longevity)